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Stormen/The Tempest.

Stormen. Nationaltheatret, Torshov, Oslo. 2015. (Photos by Øyvind Eide)  

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Egil Skallagrimssons Saga, Det Norske Teateret 2015. 

Egil Skallagrimssons Saga. Det Norske Teateret, Oslo. 2015. Adaption and direction  by Morten Cranner. S See more at

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Spring 2014

Working with – The Acoustic Act “critical reflection”, an essay concluding my research fellowship at   KHIO. – Developing and planning productions.  

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Back in the trenches.

Just finished to long lasting productions in NRK: “The Homecoming”, a radiodocumentary based upon “The Odyssey”, and “The Odyssey” as radiotheatre. In “The Homecoming” I’ve interviewed two war veterans, and aligned them to Odysseus’ story, as he is too a … Continue reading

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Stoneharp back at work.

Sven Erga and I are doing music for “The Odyssey”, NRK Radioteateret.

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Workplan spring 2013

1. I’m to do “The Odyssey” once again, that is, as a production for radiotheatre in NRK.This will be a three episode-production. The production at Nationaltheatret was about 1’10, so I’ll develop an adaptation for about two more hours, in … Continue reading

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Soon out of stipendiatprogrammet

I have not used this blog much during the fellowship, at least not as much as I thought I would. The channels for reports an so on, has been so extencive, that it kindo did’nt seem nessecary, and actually was … Continue reading

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