Stormen/The Tempest.

Stormen. Nationaltheatret, Torshov, Oslo. 2015.Stormen promo 2

Stormen promo 1 (Photos by Øyvind Eide)


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Egil Skallagrimssons Saga, Det Norske Teateret 2015. 

Egil Skallagrimssons Saga.

Det Norske Teateret, Oslo. 2015.

Adaption and direction  by Morten Cranner.



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Spring 2014

Working with

– The Acoustic Act “critical reflection”, an essay concluding my research fellowship at   KHIO.

– Developing and planning productions.


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Back in the trenches.

Just finished to long lasting productions in NRK:

“The Homecoming”, a radiodocumentary based upon “The Odyssey”, and “The Odyssey” as radiotheatre.

In “The Homecoming” I’ve interviewed two war veterans, and aligned them to Odysseus’ story, as he is too a war veteran returning from the Trojan war.

“The Odyssey” radiotheatre is a version based upon the production at the National Theatre 2012, but extended with two more hours. And one more character; Thelemakos, Odysseus and Penelopes son, who sets out to find his father who has “gone missing on the wavering plains of the ocean wide”.

Now I’m back in the trenches planning future projects.

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Stoneharp back at work.

Sven Erga and I are doing music for “The Odyssey”, NRK Radioteateret.


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Workplan spring 2013


1. I’m to do “The Odyssey” once again, that is, as a production for radiotheatre in NRK.This will be a three episode-production. The production at Nationaltheatret was about 1’10, so I’ll develop an adaptation for about two more hours, in addition to the manuscript from the National. We’ll go in studio in october, so the winter/spring is 1/3 about doing this adaptation/rewrite.

2. I’m also to do a documentary in NRK Radiodocumentary about the Odyssey.                 This work will run paralell to the radiotheatre.

3. And I’ll finish of the fellowship at KHIO, by doing (finishing) the “Critical reflection”.

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Soon out of stipendiatprogrammet

I have not used this blog much during the fellowship, at least not as much as I thought I would.
The channels for reports an so on, has been so extencive, that it kindo did’nt seem nessecary, and actually was a bit over the top schedulewice.

The weird thing is that now and for some future it seems more to the point keeping this channel posted. I’ll see.

If anyone’s interested in stuff concerning the fellowship, do make contact!

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Edit, Sketching and Planning…

The weeks to come, I’ll be at KHIO, editing video and div material from the Hamlet-produktion, and sketching som stuff for the next project.


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Rebuilding and moving everything here.

I’m moving my former website and blog to this spot.
This includs some reorganization and backlogging etc.
Sorry for the inconvinience, but things will soon be in place.
Please check by later!

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Lab-project 2011/1 done

Completed video production today of ” The Magnetic Forrest”.
I’ll now do three days of technical work, constructing a new setup of “the Forrest”.
Next week I’ll do a new lab-project with Anneke von der Lippe.

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