Edit, Sketching and Planning…

The weeks to come, I’ll be at KHIO, editing video and div material from the Hamlet-produktion, and sketching som stuff for the next project.


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Rebuilding and moving everything here.

I’m moving my former website and blog to this spot.
This includs some reorganization and backlogging etc.
Sorry for the inconvinience, but things will soon be in place.
Please check by later!

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Lab-project 2011/1 done

Completed video production today of ” The Magnetic Forrest”.
I’ll now do three days of technical work, constructing a new setup of “the Forrest”.
Next week I’ll do a new lab-project with Anneke von der Lippe.

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The Magnetic Forrest

In the last three weeks I’ve been doing a lab-project with Øyvind Borgmoen Lyse, at the main stage, the Academy of Arts. We’ve been exploring a “scenographic instrument” that I’ve built, called “The Magnetic Forrest”, and by use of this instrument and space we’ve made a performance.

We are now producing the performance as a video, and will end the production at friday the 28.1

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Been busy all autum with present and future projects. I will repeat will keep a more continous info on these pages from now on …

Anyhow – in august and september I did a production at the Academy of Arts with the 3.grade students.
I did a stage version of “Jaws”, combined with “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett. Photos and videos soon to be uploaded.

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Winter update #3

To get the project going, the winter has also been a lot about planning. This means developing concepts for performances I’m to do doing these three years. Some of these performances have a “long” horizon, and some have “shorter”, some have a lot of logistics and meetings, and some have not.

The lab-projects I’ve been doing this winter has partly been a practical part of this development, as I’ve been checking out ideas and doing prototype – testouts of instruments to be used on stage.

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Winter update #2

For the “critical reflection” of the project, I’m still concidering between doing a documentary video, or a combination of text and video, as the project do imply time and space.

No matter how I decide to do the critical reflection, I indend to look into what is actually happening on stage, in the relationship between acting, sound & music. In order to establish some kind of tool for this, I’m exploring how to connect structural tools from musical composition with tools for theatre.

During the winter, I participated in the classes of Lasse Thoresen at Norges Musikkhøgskole, on “musical semiotics”. This, and Lasses development of the “Aural Sonology”- project,  may be a field of relevance to my project, which I will look further into as I’m developing performances.

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