Projects –>2009

Media is on the move from old website, but meanwhile, here’s an overview;


– “It was November.” As performer with Zero Visibility corp.

– “The Holberg suite” by Edvard Grieg. Performance with the Norwgian Chamber

Orchestra as performers and musicians. “Winterlight-Festival february 2009.

– “Egil Skallagrimssons Saga”. Adaptation, music and directing. Norwegian State

Broadcasting, (NRK) Radiodrama.


– “It was November”, Zero Visibility/Dansens Hus, Oslo. As performer..

– “Ambra”. Carte Blanche/Iceland Dance Company comitioned production for

Reykjavik Art Festival og Bergen Festival. Music and sounddesign.


– “The Arabian Night”, by Roland Schimmelpfennig. The Norwegian state

Theatre. Music and sounddesign.

– “Elements of Time”, Carte Blanche Dance Company.

Live music, soundmaterial and sounddesign.


–       Melancholia and Ifigeneia.Video, music, electronics and touring.

–       Touring with concerts and performances.

– “Ei Hundenatt”, Music and sounddesign til Det Norske Teateret.

– “Free as the Bird”. The Ibsen Theatre. Directing and music.


–       ”Ifigeneia”. by Finn Iunker. Norwegian State Broadcasting. Directing and music. 2. prize at Prix Italy, Venice.

–       ”Melancholia”, based upon novel by Jon Fosse. The National theatre, Oslo. Adaptation, directing, music and performing.


–       ”Below the Belt”, by Richar Dresser. the National Theatre. Directing.

–       ”Der er du”, radioplay by Jon Fosse. Norwegian State Broadcasting. Directing.

–       ”Hertervig” del II. directing and music.


–       ”Hertervig” part I. Directing and music.

–       ”Risk” by Christopher Grøndahl. Directing and music.1. prize Prix Europa,                Berlin ”Best Europeean Radiodramaproduction 2003”.


–       ”The Son” by Jon Fosse. NRK Radio theater. Directing and music.

–       ”WOW” av Morten Cranner. Teater/live electronic prosjekt.

–       ”The Son” video and bimedial projekt.


–       ”Litle Eyolf”. Norwegian State Broadcasting. Directing and music collaboration with Susanne Lundeng, fiddle.


–       ”Sera” Opera by Henrik og Aksel Hellstenius. the Norwegian State Opera/Opera Vest.

–       ”The Stranger” by Albert Camus. Rogaland Teater. Adaptation, directing, music and live electronics.


–     “Pravda street”, NRK/Radioteatret. Directing.

–       “Fidler on the roof” Trøndelag teater. Directing.


–       “Krok” by Eberhardt Petschinka. Norwegian State Broadcasting.

–       “Kristin Lavransdatter” by S.Undset/Fantomet & Guran. Commitioned work for the Sigrid Undseth Festival. av Undsetdagene på Lillehammer.


–       “Fantomet and Guran plays the classics”, perfomance-project at BIT Teatergarasjen,    Bergen.

–       “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett

–       “Peer Gynt” by Henrik Ibsen.

–       “Romeo & Juliet” by Shakespeare

–       “Cascando” by Beckett

–       “Karius& Baktus” by Torbjørn Egner

–       “Hamlet” by Shakespeare

–       “Krapp’s last tape” by Beckett

–       “Nokon kjem til å komme”. av Jon Fosse.

–       “L’histoire du soldat” by Igor Stravinsky. Norwegian State Broadcasting.


–   “Poro, Re dell’ Indie”, opera by Händel. Danseteatret, Bergen. Directing.

–     ” L’histoire du soldat ” by Igor Stravinsky. Festspillene i Vestfold. Directing.

–     “Orkesternatt”, musikkdramatisk verk av Christian Eggen. Directing.


– “Ghost sonata” by Strindberg. Det Norske Teateret, Prøvesalsprosjektet. Directing.

– “The Women of Troy” by Euripides. Nationaltheatret. Directing.

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